Frequently Asked Questions

Start by creating an application by clicking on Start Application in order to gain access into our investment program and deposit funds at no fees to start earning.
Investing is a mindset adopted by wealthy individuals. The sooner you start investing, the greater your chance of meeting your financial goals. This simple fact is the reason you must start now and here's why... Assuming you invest 2000$ with us every month for a year, at the end of the first year your 24,000$ investment could be worth almost 47,000$ with a compound ROI of 30% per annum.
You earn frequently on Astro Finance but that also depends on the kind of account you opt for. We offer various account categories which also include semi-managed and fully-managed accounts. You can view our offered accounts here.
To invest with Astro Finance you must first have your application approved and your identity verified with an activated account. After which, you can make payments via Wire Transfer or Card Payments.
Yes we manage various retiremnt accounts such as IRA, SIPP etc, to learn more click HERE.
Yes there is, for every friend you refer who makes opens an account and makes a deposit, you get a bonus in shares or funds.
It's alright, you can email support at or chat with any of our Support Agents right here.

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