Investing Smart in the Dawn of a New Decade

Investing Smart in the Dawn of a New Decade

Can you imagine how much money you could be laying claim to if you had invested just a couple of bucks in Satoshi’s bitcoin, Microsoft or Apple only a few years back? I for one would have been gutted if I had missed the bitcoin train. If you missed one on those, the new decade offers yet another chance to make good and smart investments that you could smile back on in years to come. Not only does investing help you secure your future, it also provides you with another source of income and can help you in times of financial crisis. In addition, it helps you meet your financial goals not forgetting increasing your purchasing power. It is important to that I let you know that all investment options come with a fair degree of risk and unpredictability. Hence, you should only invest spare cash, that is, funds you wouldn’t have need for in your day-to-day expenses. In addition, you should not invest more than you can afford to lose because of the unpredictability of investments. Whatever the case may be, I have some recommendations for you on what smart investments you should be making this decade.



Stocks are still worth your investments. They are quite straightforward and easy to understand. In general, buying shares into a public company is buying into a fraction of the company’s profits. What this means is that your gain or loss is dependent on how well or badly the company does. To obtain stable investments, I recommend buying shares into established companies like IT companies, banks and carmakers. These form of stocks are usually known as blue-chip stocks and pay dividends per share. These dividends are an avenue for you to either reinvest or improve your return. Some stocks set for explosive growths are Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), Ultra Beauty (ULTA), Kraft-Heinz (KHC) and Five Below (FIVE).

Although stocks are a smart investment option for investors who want to see immediate returns, I consider it wiser in the longrun to diversity your portfolio. Widening your investment horizon into something else like real estate means you could profit if any of the two see a sudden explosion.


REITs otherwise known in full as Real Estate Investment Trusts are companies that invest in real estate and are consequently poised to receive rents every month. Their payment pattern is in general, different from the general dividend pattern since they pay dividends every month. While it can seem an attractive option, I advise once again that you diversify your investment portfolio.



Cryptocurrencies have the potential of bringing huge profits to its investors in the next decade. They were indeed the highlight of the last decade with Bitcoin blessing me with huge financial returns. Is cryptocurrency a smart financial investment? Cryptocurrencies are becoming widely accepted with Facebook set to launch their Libracoin and Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey setting up a team to unravel some more mysteries about cryptocurrencies. They now look to be attracting interest from institutional investors and would be worth the try. However, with 1700 digital currencies now available, one cannot be so sure what coins to invest in. At the moment, the most stable coins are Bitcoin and Ethereum and are my expert recommendations if you want to make low-risk investments. Bitcoin in particular is arguably the best cryptocurrency choice on the long-run with a major bullish break out coming only a few days ago.


However, if you are looking to invest into something more volatile, yet potentially rewarding. We recommend you take a look at INSTAR, Zilliqa, ELF and Tezos and feel free to checkout the cryptos offered by Astro Finance


Final Take!

No matter how many options you are trying to invest in or whatever size of cash you are looking to invest in, it is best bet to talk to a professional. I greatly recommend the folks at who I see as expert professionals on all topics pertaining to finance. While you can squeeze out some ample time to teach yourself and learn about stocks and opportunities, it is ideal and recommended that you leverage on the experience of others as it would save you more time and money. With their vast experience, they can help you better leverage on these investment opportunities by providing you with expert advice and evaluating your investment ideas per time. Visit Astro Finance to learn more.

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