Opportunities that Knock Once

Opportunities that Knock Once

Hello good people! Now we are on the juicy stuff. Astro Finance does not just afford you the tools to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex. It also helps you make money. Yes! You heard that right - make money. We offer you a membership that pairs you with an account manager that not only guides you with what trades to make, in which market to trade or at what time period, you can cast all your trading responsibilities on him and just receive a payout periodically.

Cryptocurrency trading on our platform guarantees 50% - 90% profit payouts on your deposits.

The minimum requirement for this is $2000. With that you can make a deposit and let an experienced account manager guarantee you the percentage profit margins stipulated above, you will want to look through the various membership account types we offer;

  • 1. Standard Account:
    • a. Minimum Deposit: 2,000$ - 10,000$
    • b. Percentage Profits per Week: 10%
    • c. Cumulative Profits per Month: 46.5%
  • 2. Premium Account:
    • a. Minimum Deposit: 30,000$ - 50,000$
    • b. Percentage Profits per Week: 12.5%
    • c. Cumulative Profits per Month: 60.2%
  • 3. Gold Account(VIP):
    • a. Minimum Deposit: 50,000$ and above
    • b. Percentage Profits per Week: 15%
    • c. Cumulative Profits per Month: 75.1%

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